Thursday, 23 April 2015

Recent Rehearsals - April 2015

Graham has been putting the band through its paces during rehearsals. We've dusted off John William's "The Cowboys"; the opening music from the film of the same name.
Here is the overture performed live in 2013 by the Boston Pops.
We hope to perform this at one of our forthcoming concerts later in the year.

Released in 1972, this western stars John Wayne whose ranch hands have abandoned him to join the gold rush. After some convincing he hires school boys who help him drive his cattle to market.
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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Process of Appointment

Melanie Homer
It has been a long time since the band appointed a new musical director.
Here, Melanie Homer, our chairperson writes about the bands experience.

Finding a new musical director for Northampton Concert Band was an exciting new experience for all concerned. Having written the job advert and description, we circulated it in various ways, making full use of the internet and social media. We got a fantastic response with interested parties from as far afield as Birmingham and Huntingdon. Potential applicants had a wide range of experience, including brass bands, choirs and orchestras.

We invited 4 candidates along to audition with the band. Each was given 1 hour to demonstrate their conducting skills, having been asked to rehearse: a set piece, an item of their own choice and a sight reading piece. It was very interesting seeing how each conductor had their own unique conducting style, highlighting specific musical phrases and getting us to listen to different sections within the band. We also interviewed each candidate which gave us an insight into their backgrounds and opened up lots of great conversations on how Northampton Concert Band could be developed in the future.

Our next task was to choose the right candidate to take on the role. We needed someone with the enthusiasm and ability to develop us musically as well as produce successful concerts for the enjoyment of our audiences. We have an important milestone coming up, "our centenary", so to honour the band's history, we really wanted to ensure the correct decision was made. We felt it was important to involve the whole band, so we gave each member the opportunity to share there views via an online poll.

Graham came out on top in both the survey and in the committee's vote. We therefore offered him the post and were extremely pleased he accepted the position. We are all very excited with the prospect of having Graham on board. It will be a new era for Northampton Concert Band, one which I'm sure all players and concert goers alike, will enjoy.

Melanie Homer
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